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Five years after the close of These Is My Words, Sarah's youngest sons are old enough to enroll in the University in Tucson, (the average age of students being only 14) however, they both drop out the day before exams due to "lack of inclination." What begins as a story about Sarah and her sons takes a fork in the road when a cousin they never knew existed comes whistling down the road, barefoot, carrying a pair of expensive boots on a pole, eager to learn to be a "cowboy." Sarah learns to love the boy who desperately needs a mother's love as he gains respect for her. St. Martin's Press, Thomas Dunne Books, 2005

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Sarah's Quilt

Sarah Agnes Prine is the narrator and main character in this coming of age novel told in diary form. Alongside her family, Sarah faces vast hardship in the territorial desert of Arizona, eventually becoming the matriarch upon which everyone depends. 1998 HarperCollins, Inc.

Winner, Arizona Author of the Year, OneBook Arizona; published in five languages and under the same title by Hodder and Stoughton, UK.

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These Is My Words

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