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January 14, 2020

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"Turner’s satisfying, immersive, and often heart-pounding tale of one indomitable young woman’s frontier life, touched by tragedy and hope, is realistically drawn, and readers will warm to her portrayal of Mary Pearl’s chaotic but loving family life. Fans of the popular Sarah Agnes Prine novels and new readers alike will fall in love with the smart and spirited Mary Pearl."
―Publishers Weekly

The Prine Family saga continues with the story of Mary Pearl Prine, Sarah Prine's niece. Fiery and independent, she is determined to live life on her own terms, rather than the way chosen by her mother. She has already known loss and hardship, but believes the answers for her lie in the big city. When she is invited to study art at Wheaton College in 1907, she runs from everything familiar and learns some harder lessons than she expected.



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The Star Garden

Available wherever books are sold

Sarah Agnes Prine has dedicated her life to her family and running a ranch in Southern Arizona Territory. She has sent her children and her nieces and nephews to colleges across the country by educating them in her parlor, while never herself having gone to a "real" school. At last it becomes possible although she's older than most of the students. She quickly gets more education than she bargained for. She'd laid plenty of hopes and dreams on the table in These Is My Words, and Sarah's Quilt depicts her struggle in the harsh landscape of Arizona, but at last those dreams come true. . . in a way.

2008 St. Martin's Press, Thomas Dunne Books

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The Water and the Blood

Available wherever books are sold

What were you doing when you first heard about the bombing of Pearl Harbor? That question started two years' worth of research that became the story of Frosty Summers. As perhaps the only color blind person in a small  fictional town in East Texas, just weeks before the United States entered WWII, she joined some high school pals and burned down a church. The home front tale is given from Frosty's point of view, and battlefield narratives were taken from eye-witness veterans' memories. Many events in this novel really occurred. All names were changed. 2001 HarperCollins, Inc.

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My Name Is Resolute

Available wherever books are sold

Set during the time leading up to the American Revolution, Resolute's story is one of perseverance, growth, riches-to-rags and slavery, then escape and the fight for real freedom. The plight of colonists after the invasion of the British army starts an undeniable need for revolt. But Resolute is not a heroine of the ilk of Sarah Prine. Rather than shooting her way through the war, she fights on her own terms, with skill, bravery, and keen insight into people's inner motives. Lush with detail and peopled by characters who seem alive, her story is a heartbeat that brings women's roles in Colonial America to the forefront. 2014 St. Martin's Press/ Thomas Dunne Books




Born in Texas, raised in California by the shadow of the Disneyland Matterhorn, I believed in the magic of a good story as soon as I could read. When we moved to Scottsdale, in Arizona, I cut my teeth on Isaac Asimov's science fiction and Mary Stewart's Arthurian tales, and can claim that I was a (Star) "Trekkie" before it was cool. I love to read mysteries, history, science, and of course, research for my novels. I didn't get to go to college until my children were grown, and yet, it seems as if the timing was just right. Before I graduated I had two novels published. I live in Pinetop, Arizona, with my husband and two crazy and spoiled dogs, Millie and Molly, aka Pinhead and Shorty.

In The Press

In the Press

“Authentic in its detail, the novel's pace and intriguing cast of characters are reminiscent of Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. A sensitive, vibrant story about the strength of love and family told in the voice of a woman who must be reckoned with.”

Denver Post on Sarah's Quilt

"An evocative page turner...Nancy Turner is a brilliant voice, an author to look out for."

Mary Sharratt, author of Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen on My Name is Resolute

"The key characters of this lovely family saga are even more compelling than the story's title. The real, regional voice pulls the reader right into an emotional read that is poignant and ultimately wise. Light Changes Everything is a story that stays with you for all the right reasons."

—Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author on Light Changes Everything

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Five years after the close of These Is My Words, Sarah's youngest sons are old enough to enroll in the University in Tucson, (the average age of students being only 14) however, they both drop out the day before exams due to "lack of inclination." What begins as a story about Sarah and her sons takes a fork in the road when a cousin they never knew existed comes whistling down the road, barefoot, carrying a pair of expensive boots on a pole, eager to learn to be a "cowboy." Sarah learns to love the boy who desperately needs a mother's love as he gains respect for her. St. Martin's Press, Thomas Dunne Books, 2005

Available wherever books are sold

Sarah's Quilt

Sarah Agnes Prine is the narrator and main character in this coming of age novel told in diary form. Alongside her family, Sarah faces vast hardship in the territorial desert of Arizona, eventually becoming the matriarch upon which everyone depends. 1998 HarperCollins, Inc.

Winner, Arizona Author of the Year, OneBook Arizona; published in five languages and under the same title by Hodder and Stoughton, UK.

Available wherever books are sold

These Is My Words

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